Christmas is coming
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some paper tags with writing on them next to a brown envelope and twine string
two glass bowls with writing on them and some type of spoon in front of it
Love, Peace, Hope, Happyness and more for Xmas tree
the table is covered with cards, candles and other items for making handmade gifts
Cards, bookmarks and more
four cards with christmas trees on them
Xmas tree, Xmas cards
three cards with merry christmas and happy new year written in red ink on white paper
Xmas cards
some red and white business cards on a table
five cards with different types of writing on them
Xmas Cards (ooak)
a waxed stamp with the letter k in gold and red on top of a piece of paper
a close up of a piece of paper with writing on it that says ivory, natural & felicive gums
Xmas Card
four different types of calligraphy written on white cards with red ink and brown paper
Xmas cards
some white and red business cards with gold foil on them sitting on top of a wooden table
Bookmarks Xmas edition
a red fountain pen sitting on top of a piece of paper next to two waxed stamps
Merry Christmas