La Bottega/Atelier Solea Mosaici&calligrafia

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a black cat sitting in a basket on the floor next to a desk and chair
Contatti - Ketty Agnesani Calligrafa Milano
a room filled with lots of clutter and furniture
Solea Mosaici & Calligrafia
an old desk and chair in a room
Solea Mosaici & Calligrafia
the room is cluttered with many things and has colorful chairs, desks, and other items
Solea Mosaici & Calligrafia
a room filled with lots of different types of art on the walls and flooring
...a little bit of color
there is a store front window with many items in the display case and on the outside
the door
many different colored chairs and tables in a room with pictures on the wall behind them
Mosaic mirrors and other stuff in the atelier
an aerial view of various mosaics on the floor
a colorful mosaic sink is shown in this image
Lavandino / Basin
an assortment of paper flowers are hanging on the wall in front of a store sign
Kusudama (fiori di carta giapponesi / japanese paper flowers)
there is a mosaic on the wall with flowers and birds in it that says povo semene
Mosaico a parete / Wall mosaic
Dragonfly on the backdoor Enamel, Dragonfly, Enamel Pins, Novelty
Dragonfly on the backdoor
a room filled with lots of clutter and colorful wallpaper on the walls next to a desk
my murales
a man with long hair cutting bread on top of a wooden table in a kitchen
at work
a woman is sitting on the stairs in her home
stair, mosaics and me