Clara Bow, the quintessential it girl of 1920s fashion.    @Nicolle Flogerzi thought maybe you'd like to repin this? Maybe? haha

Clara Bow, the quintessential "it girl" of fashion. Clara sits in front of the mirror in a flirty pose reading a book, which demonstrates how much freedom women have gained during this time period in dress and in scholarly realms.

The Jazz Era - Fashion in the 20s • Adoreness

The Jazz Era - Fashion in the 20s

Maurice Brange, Au Café (Solita Solano and Djuna Barnes in Paris, , originally uploaded by Gatochy . Click image for 1494 x 1000 size.

Madge Bellamy, 1920s

Madge Bellamy (June 1899 – January was an American stage and film actress who was a popular leading lady in the and early

Mary Pickford, 1920s

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Photography by Edward Steichen. Actress Gloria Swanson 1924. @designerwallace

Gloria Swanson Showgirl Vintage Reprint Of Old Photo Gloria Swanson Showgirl Vintage Reprint Of Old Photo Alfred Cheney Johnston (April 1885 - April was a New York City-based ph

If you think flappers were just girls who wore feathered headbands, long necklaces and sparkly clothes then you are wrong! They were actually feminists who rebelled against womans fashion and behavioral standards of the time

Vintage Photo Three Gorgeous Flapper Bad Girls Cropped Hair Cigarettes 1920's

Louise Brooks: Fashion Portraits

Louise Brooks: Fashion Portraits simple two tone fashion day wear era movie star shirt knit top skirt jacket shirt shoes

Louise Brooks 1920's from vintagegal on tumblr ?  Loads of great picture there, but ... **Caution - some adult content**

Louise Brooks, born Mary Louise Brooks, was an American dancer and actress, noted for popularizing the bobbed haircut.

deviatesinc:    Harry S. Franklyn

Drag Queen Harry S. Franklyn in the Flapper dresses were a drag queens best boobs required (Well in that case, they'd be my best friend too.