Love a floating TV unit

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Interieur | Paardekooper-Hulst

Discover all the information about the product Floor-standing lamp / contemporary / metal / marble HERON by Michael Verheyden - ctolighting and find where you can buy it.

Yoko table

2 foscarini yoko table lamp by anderssen voll Foscarini: YOKO table lamp by Anderssen & Voll

Plass media suspension

Plass Media transports into a smaller dimension the great appeal, exciting presence and magical luminosity of Plass, a project that is interprets in a larger scale the familiar image of a glass pearl. The light that comes from within refracts on.

Plass media tavolo

The Plass Media table lamp by Foscarini Lighting, Price Match Guarantee! Plass resembles a Murano glass pearl hit by the sun’s rays, but here the light com…

Pure design

Pure design