Women's shoe, ca. 1500s, RMN Grand Palais, Paris

A lady's shoe (Cl. It looks so odd.but I suppose it isn't all that much different from a modern wedge style shoe.

Child's dress, ca. 1600, Lippisches Landesmuseum, Lippe, Germany

Burial dress of Countess Catherine Lippe, who died age May From the Lippe Regional Museum Fripperies and Fobs

Austrian Mantua, ca. 1555, Kunst Historisches Museum, Vienna

"Black Armor" doublet of a precious boy. Owner: Archduke Ferdinand II, son of Ferdinand I of Habsburg Austria, ruler of Tyrol 1529 - 1595 (need to verify) Kuntshistorisches Museum Vienna - KHM Bilddatenbank — KHM Bilddatenbank

French cloak, ca. 1580-1600, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Red satin, couched and embroidered with silver, silver-gilt and coloured silk threads, trimmed with silver-gilt and silk thread fringe and tassel, and lined with pink linen