Nozze di Umberto e Maria di Savoia

Prince Umberto of Savoy and Princess Maria José of Belgium (later King Umberto II and Queen Maria José of Italy) married in Roma on 8 January eighty years ago.

La Principessa del Belgio e il Principe Umberto d'Italia

Kronprinz Umberto und Kronprinzessin Marie Jose von Italien , future King & Queen of Italy

La Figlia Maria Principessa d'Italia

Prinzessin Maria Francesca of Savoy, Princess of Italy – the youngest daughter of King Victor Emmanuel III and Queen Elena, a princess of Montenegro. Maria married Prince Luigi Carlo of Bourbon-Parma, who was a brother of Zita, Empress of Austria

Maria José Principessa del Piemonte

Prinzessin Marie Jose von Belgien, future Queen of Italy 1906 – 2001

Maria Josè

Queen Marie José, was the last Queen of Italy - Her tenure as queen earned her the affectionate nickname 'the May Queen' Pretty isn't she?

La Principessa allo spettacolo di cavalleria

La Principessa allo spettacolo di cavalleria

Maria José al Corteo folkloristico

Crown Prince Umberto and Crown Princess Marie Jose of Italy