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a woman's hand holding up some colorful pieces of paper
DIY - handpainted business cards — EttaVee
a table setting with place cards and a flower on the plate, ready to be served
Understated Urban Elegance with Contemporary Styling by Hilde
an open green wedding card with a bow on the front and side, sitting next to a plant
Trouwkaart pocketfold Ruben & Elsanne
four cards with calligraphy on them next to a pair of scissors and a wooden spoon
Gold + Greenery Wax Sealed Escort Cards
four green leaves with names on them sitting on a marble counter top next to each other
Bunch of 25 Fresh Magnolia Leaves to Be Used as Place Cards / Escort Cards / Real Leaf Wreath / Garland / Floral Arrangements and Bouquets - Etsy
a long table with candles and greenery on it, surrounded by white linens
35 Stunning Eucalyptus Wedding Decor Ideas
the letter k is inscribed in gold on a white paper with an arrow and leaves
Trouwuitnodiging met folie
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