Katia Tarricone

Katia Tarricone

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Aquamarine with Schorl inclusions, Albite and Apatite - Shigar Valley, Skardu District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

d38257cdc7d7862d35e2883e291ffbb3.jpg 300×3,900 pixels

d38257cdc7d7862d35e2883e291ffbb3.jpg 300×3,900 pixels

Chartres, Labyrinth Paving Stones in Nave | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

cocon commerz privatsachen - Tunika aus Kreppseide ideal - Sommer 2015:

astronauuts: here it is. the gigantic guide to gemstones, for research, gemsona, or any other purposes u need i spent my whole day doing this so ur welcome

aquamarine crystal

Ladies Womens Italian Lagenlook Quirky Layering 3 Piece Sequin Lace Knit Mohair Long Sleeves Scarf Tunic Top Dress One Size Plus (UK 10-20) (One Size Plus, Purple)


that's it... I have decided I am going to totally rock the Miss Havisham look. I have some great expectations about how it will turn out for me... pip pip cheerio

Robin Kaplan, LOVE THESE COLORS .... by pupeditis