Very True

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Yao Ming wears Yao Ming Face, lol

I couldn't get over this - the 'bitch-please- guy is real! For those who are not familiar with American basketball this is Yao Ming - obviously a guy with a seriously cool sense of humor!

Wonderful Color Description LMFAO

Funny Crayon Colors : -Grangrene -Agent Orange -Michael Jackson 2008 -Mommy's Bright Red Stretch Marks -Burnt Sienna Miller -R. Kelly Yellow -Pinkeye -Anal Bleach -Color Bush Doesn't Care About -Navy Blue Balls

yeah I just love this post lol

Unique retro vintage army poster advert nice big cup of shut the fuck up art print

yeah Im gonna set that same trap some day lol!

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Cpt. Barbossa? lol

Funny pictures about Captain Hook Keeps Your Door Locked. Oh, and cool pics about Captain Hook Keeps Your Door Locked. Also, Captain Hook Keeps Your Door Locked photos.

Word! LOL

Word! LOL


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