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Oath of the Grim Hunt // A paladin oath devoted to hunting the monster, the mutant, and the witch // Update link in comments.
an info sheet with some information about the character
Oath of Harmony, a Musical Paladin subclass || Version 3
an image of a pirate ship in the ocean with information about it and how to use it
[5e] I'm back, and this time with class archetypes, one for each! I welcome feedback.
a page from the oath of defancee, with an image of a demon on it
Paladin: Oath of Defiance
an image of a website page with the title'oath of an open sky '
The Oath of an Open Sky - A paladin oath themed around adventure and freedom.
an open book with the title and page numbers on it's front cover, featuring a photo of a man in armor
Oath of the Sea, a Sacred Oath for Paladins seeking a career on the high seas.
Tom's Tavern on Twitter
an image of a page from a book about the history of halloween and other things to see
[OC] Paladin Oath of the Grave - A Paladin Oath to match the Grave Cleric
the back cover of a book with an image of a man on horseback
The Oath of Grief | A paladin subclass for pessimists and villains -- From The Impermissicon
an image of a page from the elder scrolls book, with text and pictures on it
Oath of the Corsair - Freedom, Loyalty, Bravery. An Oath for Chaotic Paladins who care for nothing but their crew and treasure! (Final Version)