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The Sicilian Norman’s Age has gone down in history as a kingdom of tolerance and the kings of his dynasty as enlightened and cultured. Along their warriors skills, the Altavilla were known as illustrious patrons of the most prestigious medieval religious and civil buildings, of the most refined Sicilian architecture and of the most delightful garden.

The route Siculo-Norman is aimed at the knowledge of one of the happiest periods in the history of Palermo: two centuries (XI and XII century) in which the city known the reign of enlightened kings like Roger II and William II. In this period of peace and cultural exchanges were made some architectural wonders where they worked alongside Norman architects and Arabic craftsmen and Byzantine mosaic workers, in a perfect marriage between different religions and cultures.

Meraviglioso zenzero: ecco la tisana per prevenire il raffreddore e come coltivarlo sul balcone