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Italy: Rome by Vespa - This series of romantic travel art is made from original oil paintings by artist Kai Carpenter. Styled in an Art Deco flair, this adventurous scene is sure to bring a smile and maybe even a smooch to any classic poster art lover!

Propaganda fascista e anni Trenta in Italia « Novecento in rete AI NOSTRI GOVERNANTI NO GLI IMPORTA DI SALVARE L'ECONOMIA ITALICA... SOLO LA LORO.

Propaganda fascista e anni Trenta in Italia

Propaganda fascista e anni Trenta in Italia « Novecento in rete

Boys carrying spaghetti in Naples, 1929

Boys carrying spaghetti in a macaroni factory in Naples, Italy, 1929 One thing I love about old photos is that the young boys are dressed so snazzy! I love that they just wore smaller suits. I feel like there was more respect back then.

Ferdinando Scianna is a legendary Italian photographer. He was born in 1946 in Sicily, Italy.

Legendary photographer Ferdinando Scianna

eisenstaedt naples

Love the photo of Italian culture ~ Alfred Eisenstaedt - spaghetti factory, 1932

Ladies having spaghetti and wine while they float in the Isle of Capri - 1939, H. Wright

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saepphire: “suhneee: “ abbiefrank: “ hauntedbystorytelling: “ Three young women eat spaghetti on inflatable mattresses at Lake of Capri, 1939 (AP Photo / Hamilton Wright) ” Love love love ” There are.