On South Georgia, a barren island in the far South Atlantic, a pair of southern elephant seal calves beckon before a colony of king penguins. “The male seals can grow to almost five tons,” says Salgado, “but these are just babies. This one looked at me with beautiful eyes.”

In the Beginnings: Sebastião Salgado's Genesis

Sebastião Salgado

In collaboration with illy, renowned social photographer Sebastiao Salgado tells a story of sustainable development in coffee growing cultures.


In the Beginnings: Sebastião Salgado's Genesis

Sebastiao Salgado - Genesis

Sebastiao Salgado, Sahara, Algeria, gelatin silver print I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.

sebastiao salgado genesis

Sebastião Salgado in Siberia For his latest epic project, Genesis, photographer Sebastião Salgado spent eight years documenting parts of the world untainted by modern life. Here, he shares the images he took of the nomadic Nenets of northern Siberia