50 Things to grill in foil packets...I can't wait to try some of these.


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Smoky-Sweet BBQ Rub is music to this Southerner's ears. The recipe is easy, full of flavor, and perfect for meats that need a smoky-sweet BBQ rub down.

Family Feedbag: Sweet chili BBQ chicken

Family Feedbag: Sweet chili BBQ chicken - replace the brown sugar and malt vinegar to make gaps friendly

Very cool grill idea!

What you can Build DIY project 55 gallon Plastic Barrel and DIY 55 gallon steel drum projects. Barrel Project Photo's & Photo's of Barrel Projects.

North Carolina-Style Vinegar Barbecue Sauce from FoodNetwork.com - This traditional Eastern North Carolina vinegar-based sauce is tart and spicy, yet light enough to let the flavor of slow-smoked pork stand out.

North Carolina-Style Vinegar Barbecue Sauce

North Carolina BBQ from Serious Eats

3 Great Eastern North Carolina Barbecue Joints: Grady's, B's, Wilber's

In the Carolinas they take barbecue sauce seriously. Very seriously. Do not get into a discussion with a Carolinian about the various types of Carolina style sauce unless you have done your homework, and know what you are talking about.