La construction de Chambord commence en 1519 et ne sera terminée qu’en 1685, sous Louis XIV. François Ier ne verra donc pas son château achevé mais lui-même…
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the sun shines brightly on an ornate building
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of trees
an old castle is reflected in the still water on a sunny day with green leaves surrounding it
an aerial view of a castle with the words'event'in front of it
an ornately decorated room with chandelier, mirror and rug on the floor
a tall clock tower sitting under a blue sky with white clouds in the back ground
a clock tower on top of a building with trees in the foreground and clouds in the background
an aerial view of a castle with the words j - 30 in french and english
an ornately designed building in the middle of a park
there are many pieces of luggage sitting on the ground in front of a large building
a large building with lots of flowers in the foreground and people walking around it