Helping others with a gift that keeps on giving

I have been through very rough times lately and have decided to start a fund raising campaign to help myself and others in the same situation. I lost my job a year ago and tried in vain to find another, unfortunately it was not meant to be, so I decided to go back to school to update my qualifications and keeping up with all that is new in the accounting field. After graduating I again embarked on the job hunting scene it hasn't been that long, and I am aware that the majority of people don't come across jobs that easy, but as I wait for this opportunity, I am just not able to keep up with all the expenses and have put myself in debt for the first time in my life. I have lived a very simple life to keep myself out of debt I do not own a car or a home or any extravagant materialistic things. So I thought that if everyone gave $1 just one dollar a month, 12 dollars a year every year to help thousands of people, and who cannot afford one dollar a month I know people who spend ten dollars a week on lotto tickets in hopes of winning the jack pot, or who think that anything below a dollar is not worth carrying all those quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies just sitting there. So I would open a bank account in the name of the community and each one of us will fill out a form to deposit this one dollar a month, how many people live in Montreal or Quebec or anywhere for that matter lets say an average of 5 million people, that's 5 million dollars a month and the average household non mortgage debt is 18 thousand dollars in Quebec and in Canada as a whole is 26 thousand dollars. Which means that this fund could help an average of 500 to 1000 needy people a month depending on the funds collected and distributed. This fund is meant to help only the ones in great need, who do not have the funds to pay their monthly bills. Like myself I am struggling just to pay my essential needs utilities, rent, food I juggle some bills on credit cards borrow from my children to pay hydro and the debt just accumulates because I cannot afford to pay my credit cards any longer the minimum payment on each is an average of 500 dollars. Mainly my debt has accumulated from food, utilities, and college tuition fees for my kids. My husband works but his salary is just enough to pay the rent, he even drives a broken down car to get to work. My kids are grown up but they all live at home, some work and some don't, they help when they can. It is still not sufficient. So as a member of this community and as a result of these circumstances beyond my control I would like to start a charitable organization just like a coop where everyone contributes and people in need benefit the fruit of their contribution, it’s main purpose is to help members of the community and myself get rid of our household debt mainly credit cards, It will also extend to helping the unemployed, single parents, it will operate as a coop every individual of the community will donate $1 dollar a month into a secured bank account and in return after a screening process a list will be compiled from the neediest to the least and the funds will be distributed accordingly it will be the organizations responsibility to ensure that the debt is paid off, the medical bills have been settled or tuition fees for higher education and books have been paid, in other words the funds granted to an individual will go directly to paying these essential needs such as food, utilities, rent, tuition fees, medical or dental expenses and credit card debt. Please let us help each other in these trying times, I was reading a story from the olden days, where money was willingly donated by the rich and put into a place like a bank where it was overseen by a very pious honest person, then distributed to the poor and needy, there was not a single hungry or homeless person in that region for the longest time. Until greed and power got the better of this great idea. I promise that I will not become that, all I want is to help myself and others in the same situation. This idea could become global we could help communities all over the world!!!! I would like to receive feedback and any help in making this idea a reality. How many times do we hear I wish I could do something to help but I don't know how or where to start, well 12 dollars a year could go a long way if every one pitched in.
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