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a blue and white vase filled with flowers on top of two books
a raleigh sunroom – before and after
Blue and white.
a blue and white teacup with flowers in it on a plate next to a window
Blue is the colour...
tiny grape hyacinths in a teacup ❣ ~ ◊ photo via 'the perfect whimsy' blogspot
a hand holding a flower with a face on it's head and the petals open
The South American flower that looks like a monkey (and hopefully smells sweeter)
The 'monkey orchid' is usually found in the cloud forests of Peru and Ecuador in South America
three vases with flowers in them sitting on a table next to cups and saucers
Feito para Brasileiros por um Brasileiro
Kika Reichert | inspirations
purple pansies in a blue and white teacup on a table with china plates
The Swenglish Home
A tea cup & saucer make a delicate #garden #container.
a cup with some flowers in it on a saucer next to a plate that says, bougioro
Spirits of Lavender
A Cup of Flowers from Spirits of Lavender
a lady bug sitting on top of a purple flower
some white flowers with yellow stamens on them
Chloraea longipetala Lindl
a birdcage filled with purple flowers sitting in the grass
So cute! I like how to color of the birdcage - white, contrasts the color of the flowers - purple. Cool idea to have in the garden or backyard!