A white metal-framed staircase connects the two floors of this Parisian apartment, which local studio Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta has overhauled

door to home theatre

Home Theatre Entrance - paint the door to the room then add things to the walls. it'd be fun if the wall that wasn't the door held candy and had a mini frig, ENTRANCE TO MY THEATER ROOM

L’escalier, pièce maîtresse d’une maison, on le grimpe, on le contourne, sans se rendre compte qu’il peut être un véritable atout dans notre déco. Avec quelques idées et beaucoup d’imag...

Ces 15 escaliers hyper design vont vous donner des envies d'ascension !

50 Best Reading Nooks We Have Ever Come Across

50 Best Reading Nooks We Have Ever Come Across

West Loop Aerie - Modern - Staircase - Chicago - Scrafano Architects - 지하내려가는 계단...?

How to use the space under your stairs. "West Loop Aerie by Scrafano Architects. I’m not sure which came first, the storage spaces or the staircases.

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Exposed steel frames bolted with a matching staircase, creating an impression of structurally functionalism. if these steel frames were not in this picture the stairs would not stand on their own.

안녕하세요. 윤현상재입니다. 행복한 주말이 시작되었어요~이웃님들은 지금쯤 다들 무얼 하고 계실까요! 오...

This beautiful barn conversion by Maxwan Architects is located by the river Linge in Geldermalsen, the Netherlands. Maxwan Architects + Urbanists turned an

0_1 HOUSE : 모던스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by 유경건축_eu.k Architects

0_1 HOUSE : 모던스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by 유경건축_eu.k Architects

회원님의 stair 보드를 위한 새로운 핀 몇 가지를 찾았습니다.(1)

basement stair cabinets, stairs with flip up steps and very narrow stairs. Each step goes up one at a time for each foot. It is sort of spaced so you are putting one foot per step with a steeper step. Very space-saving.

Palma Plaza - desire to inspire - desiretoinspire.net - Hugh Randolph Architects

Utilize space under stairs and transform into a small office. ::::: modern home office by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

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Built by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop in Mumbai, India with surface Images by Bharath Ramamrutham. Located in central Mumbai, our client builds a 6 story building, 2 for each apartment, we simultaneously perform 3 in.

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decorating small spaces staircase with cubby hole storage Other Interesting House Decor: www.