a small jewelry brand that's more than just "sustainable"
My new favorite earrings! Beaded silver earclimbers 😍 modern, delicate and handmade in italy 😍
I actually make these myself ;) they're nickelfree 925 sterling silver. Earclimbers only require one piercing hole & they're super comfortable to wear & sustainably made
Looking for sustainable jewelry to express YOUR unique style? check out the jewelry I make
elegant, delicate, dreamy, miminalist and some bolder pieces. All ethically made in Italy
a homage to the beauty of nature& our cosmos. Sustainble materials ethically made in Italy. jewelry
Delicate & dreamy jewelry, designed& made by me in Italy from start to finish to guarantee sustainability & ethical practices & materials. 14k gold fill so you can enjoy your jewelry for years to come
Some bonds are simply unbreakable
5 pieces of jewelry you're gonna regret not wearing this summer ☀️ #sustainable #waterproofjewelry
Designed & handmade in Italy with repurposed gemstones & recycled 14k gold fill
...then Rays&Riches jewelry is for you. Unique & elegant just as you are #sustainablejewelry
Italian design & craftmenship. Waterproof, ethical & sustainable
the timeless elegance of gold& red. Discover sustainable jewelry made in Italy
Both are colours of royality, and abundance. Both symbolize good fortune, prosperity and happiness. Even in delicate & minimalist design they are never boring. Swipe & let me know your fave jewelry!
Sustainable jewelry inspired by nature & the beauty of the cosmos. Handmade in Italy #sustainable
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Inspired by sacred geometry& the fabric of our universe. Perfect to express your individuality this summer. All handmade & designed with love in italy
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to the ocean and beach
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The only sustainable coral earrings on the planet made with pre-loved coral
All Rays&Riches jewelry is designed and handmade by me in Italy. It's waterproof, hypoallergen and made to last
Nature inspired jewelry but make it stylish✨ designed & handmade in italy, waterproof & sustainable
All are my own original designs, inspired by the beauty of nature. Made using recycled waterproof 14k gold fill or sterling silver and repurposed gemstones. All ethically made in italy by me.