looks like he had apiphany and realized what made him the most happy Roberto Benigni: directed and starred in one of the most amazing films, Life is Beautiful.

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two innocent young children asking each other questions about each other so innocently So sweet - love this photo from jinky art

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This is just a baby being a baby and doing baby things. Lifestyle Photography, Storytelling, Photo-Journals and Family Documentaries and Portraits www.erikadossphoto.com

This woman looks like she is taking care of this child who could be her grandchild. Segregation era Alabama, c. 1956: Photo exhibition of Gordon Parks' portraits at the Schomburg Center of the NY Public Library

She looks like she has no worries and is just enjoying her youth ellie be: storyteller + photographer : bekah | portraits

a father is spending quality time with his children telling stories by a fire Vaya que sí sabe contar historias!!! Foto de Adrian Sommeling "The making of 'The Storyteller'

Looks like a woman reading a her book and thinking back on what she did throughout the day on her way home. UNYPL in 2012: Portraits - There is so much life underground, and I usually seek to incorporate it, along with the reader, into a storytelling frame. Sometimes though, a simple portrait of a reader seems to tell enough of a story; “By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept,” by Elizabeth Smart

This looks like two siblings enjoying life and being together. ellie be: storyteller + photographer : allix + trevor | portraits in texas

she is a little girl afraid to let go and get lost in a world she knows nothing about EMOTIONAL….. The bond between father and daughter says it all…… a lifetime special moment. I did not take this photo, but my hope is that someday, I will be this good. This has to be one of my favorites, ever.

this woman is working hard to provide for her family maybe she was widowed and has to maintain her job Living in Mexico I have the chance to take lots of pictures where the culture is captured. These photos act as an inspiration to me.

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