I love flowers, that's something I have on my desk sometimes, I feel it's like spoiling myself too much though

I adore the nostalgic, old-fashioned, humble, heavenly-scented peony. So I merely had to choose among my many peony pins. This one came out on top. This is: Peony. It is my favorite pin on my board simply called: Flora.

I love writing postcards. I recently started sending postcards out to my clients

I love typewriters! I would much rather write with a typewriter than on any digital device. Typewriting challenges the mind and to type you must focus so you don't ruin your page. My sister has a typewriter and the writing is beautiful!

Marshmallow is a religion: I believe in it.

Color Dipped Marshmallows Just add a few drops of food coloring to some water, then dip in a marshmallow. Set it aside on a cooling rack to dry. The amount of coloring and water is up to you depending on how dark or light you want the colors to be.

Technology is an eventuality of a work that starts by planning and setting goals. Much of my job doesn't actually happen on a computer; technology is not the answer to problems either: finding your unique value proposition and starting to communicate it, is a possible answer.

My son used to fly a ga-zillion paper planes from the upstairs window. Just what he needs a "Paper Plane Air Mail Hand Carved Stamp"

I have been said to have a «simple, relaxing, refined, cute» blog, and I like to imagine that reflects me, both as a person and as a professional

Dipped Marshmallow Pops sweets dessert treat recipe chocolate marshmallow party munchies yummy cute pretty unique creative food porn cookies cakes brownies I want in my belly ♥ ♥ ♥

I sometimes feel like a I am a mirror to my clients: by asking them who they are and what they do, I offer them a time and space to stop and look at themselves

for the bedroom- 35 Clever + Beautiful ways to Decorate with Mirrors, courtesy of DS readers

I love platforms and 50s skirts.

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Blue and white blouse with full blue skirt from Indigo Girl, by French fashion designer Claire Pignot.