Painting tools set up as a place setting. Art direction by Lina Brunzell/Lowe Brindfors. Set design by Mattias Nyhlin/Lundlund. Photo by Philip Karlberg.

Alcro by Philip Karlberg Photography, Art direction: Lina Brunzell / Lowe Brindfors Set design: Mattias Nyhlin / Lundlund.

Pastel icecream to eat in the summer. #pastel #icecream #summer

words Zarah Cheng All works are by The Taable. We chat with the founders of multidisciplinary creative team, The Taable, Amanda Kusai and Axel Oswith. We learn more about their collaborative process and how they create their quirky, minimalistic images.

Antoine Foulot & Raphael Theolade

Antoine Foulot & Raphael Theolade

inanotherlifewhenwearecats: Natures Mortes * Still Life Floppy - © Fless Photography

Pastel penny board

Penny Skateboards - Penny Pastel Love the colours, My fav board that I have.