printables and activities for car trips.

Keeping kids entertained during long road trips can be a bit of a challenge. Prepared NOT Scared has an awesome Travel Bag Game Book printable for your next road trip!


No more pocket problems!!!

This changed her life! Wrapping her ear bud cords CHANGED HER LIFE! She didn't have to go to school, get a divorce, or have a child. All she needed to CHANGE HER LIFE was to wrap her ear bud cord!

uchiko-like brussel sprouts recipe

Maple cayenne roasted brussels sprouts: 2 pounds brussel sprouts cut in half 1 Tb olive oil Salt to taste 1 Tb pure maple syrup t.

Best idea ever. Really cool/nerdy #iphone #case fom TheStudioApparel on #etsy #gadget

iPhone 4 Case, Han Solo Carbonite Case Design from Star Wars- Awesome!

Nike FuelBand activity monitoring wristband.  The pedometer has come a looong way!  This thing is cool! #gadget

Nike Fuel + Band This little gadget is SO HOT right now! - Stylish, motivating and practical. A great way to get you inspired to keep moving and life a healthy active lifestyle.


How to travel like a sir

Latest drawing: Our monster's driving a Brütsch Mopetta , which I first saw in this picture in Object's Top 20 Bubble Car list. What a lovely little car, what a fine little pipe chappie. Gosh, it makes a good wind-up toy noise, too:

One-wheeled motorcycle  Germany, 1925

One wheel motorcycle invented by Italian M. Goventosa de Udine In Maximum speed: 150 kilometers per hour ( 93 Mph).

Disco-ball helmet

Why make a disco ball helmet? Because it's awesome. Nuff said. I've seen disco ball helmets before, but they didn't satisfy the perfectionist in.

Amphibious bicycle  This land-and-water bike can carry a load of 120 pounds; Paris, 1932

Amphibious Bike ‘Cyclomer’ on land and water can ride with a load of 120 pounds, Paris, 1932

Awesome treehouse interior

Crystal River Tree House, it's hard to believe this is a treehouse and not a home! Look at the gorgeous wood floors and roof. Check out the spiral staircase and loft too!

I wish this was real

Sean Hartter has designed this notional Joker-brand cereal box.

NES joypad coffee table

Want a coffee table that doubles as a fully functional Nintendo controller? This giant hand crafted Nintendo controller coffee table is made from mahogany, and includes a removeable glass top when you want to use it as a gaming controller.

Nice colors

Funny Crayon Colors : -Grangrene -Agent Orange -Michael Jackson 2008 -Mommy's Bright Red Stretch Marks -Burnt Sienna Miller -R. Kelly Yellow -Pinkeye -Anal Bleach -Color Bush Doesn't Care About -Navy Blue Balls

I wish this game was real

Game of Thrones fighting - The popularity of Game of Thrones seems to have no bounds, as proven by this Dynamaito series. The Game of Thrones fighting game is something many .