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In 1994, the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt, recognized reproductive health and family planning as fundamental human rights. Three years from the deadline, at least 215 million women want to prevent or delay pregnancy but are not using effective contraception. This “unmet need” for family planning may be due to poor reproductive health information, social pressures, or insufficient access to contraceptive options. In Africa, more than 1 in 4 women have…

Data Highlights - Growth in World Contraceptive Use Stalling; 215 Million Women’s Needs Still Unmet

Condoms are a one time use, 99.9% protection factor (if used correctly) contraception. All depending on the need for them they can get expensive so they probably arnt the best family planning option unless kids are expected soon. They are the simplest form of birth control and have little to no side effects, unless there is an allergy to latex in which case you can get other types of condoms. Condoms are over the counter and dont require a prescription.

Are you using those condoms correctly? Discover how you rate and educate yourself about condom use by exploring a few helpful tips and resources.

Emergency Contraception Laid Bare  In this add, they explain emergency contraception and its benefit for people not looking to get pregnant. A prescription is only needed for girls 17 and under. There are a few different kinds woman can get over the counter, all at different price ranges. This doesn't really constitute as family planning due to the fact that it is considered emergency contraception, therefore not really planned out.

Family planning involves calendar method, ovulation method, cervical secretions, and symptothermal methods. Family planning options can be very effective method of contraception.

Contraceptive devices and options, as well as information on failure rates & data.

List reversible and permanent contraceptive devices and options, as well as information on failure rates & data.

I have the implant in my arm for this exact reason!!! Thank The Lord for contraceptives!!

Wish I had this when teaching Adult Roles. Infographic explaining major methods of contraception and how effective they are, including failure rates for both perfect use and typical use.