He is definitely my favorite actor and Cool Hand Luke is one of my favorite movies. I love how he was a laid back guy who never really.

Ryan Reynolds

Oh, hey Ryan Reynolds. Why you got to be so hot? the perfect abs!

James Dean!  <3

James Dean on set of 'Giant', 1955 (Photo by Richard C. Dean received his second posthumous Best Actor Academy Award nomination for his role in Giant at the Academy Awards in 1957 for films released in


If Ryan Gosling could be sitting with me and encouraging me throughout nursing school. Well, I was gonna say that I'd do great. But in reality, I'd be doing absolutely nothing but him :) SEXY white boy!

Robert Redford (via

Robert Redford Throughout the Robert Redford's name was synonymous with "handsome" -- as in "he's good-looking, but he's no Robert Redford." But Redford, like co-star Paul Newman before him, bent those great looks to an artful purpose.