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a man holding a lit candle in his hand
The Alchemist Project - Stop Motion Effect
Made by IXOR VFX a Stop Motion Commercial called "The Alchemist" #MagicSpell #Magicpotion. Full Commercial on our Website
a close up of a metal object on fire
Magic Potion - Alchemist - Magic Spell
A great stop motion commercial "The Alchemist" . Check out the Video in the Link.
the roller coaster is going down the street in front of a tall building with many people on it
Roller Coaster Rails in City | VFX | 3D
IXOR was responsible for CG Roller coaster & compositing the interior shots of the spot & on set vfx supervision. PROJECT: OTE VDSL “Roller Coaster Rails” | PRODUCTION: Topcut Modiano | AGENCY: Bold Ogilvy