Ivana Gavazzi

Ivana Gavazzi

finalmente un immagine di me durante un trekking la mia passione!
Ivana Gavazzi
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Flight of the Manta Ray

Manta Ray leaping 9 feet in the air off the coast of Costa Rica, Central America // photo by Roland Seitre Solent. 2010 -- click photo for article; "Natural Selection" is a great book about rays developing the ability to fly.

manta rays

Swimming with mantas are like meeting an angel-breathtaking. Being able to swim with Mantas must be one of the most exciting diving activity in the world.

A Flight of Manta Rays by Andrey Gladyshev #Manta_Rays

Manta Rays - Angels of the Ocean. Manta rays are listed as a Vulnerable species. They are endangered by getting entangled in fish nets, fishing for use in Chinese medicine, ocean pollution, and low reproductive rates.


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