Collection of primroses , my favorite flower, different types for different conditions. Mostly deer resistant, another plus!
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an assortment of colorful flowers in a garden
These are so easy to just scratch the seed into moist soil in a partly shaded garden. RHS Wisley ...Candelabra primula
the flowers are blooming very well in the garden and it's hard to tell what color they are
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Polyanthus 'Gold Laced'. I had these growing in my garden for several years, sadly they didn't return this year...
yellow flowers with green leaves in the background
Eyes for Nature
some very pretty green plants with yellow flowers
Primula 'Francisca'
some pink flowers are growing in the dirt
Primula denticulate : Roceco, Ecological products - buy online UK
Primula denticulata
yellow flowers with green leaves growing in the ground next to some dirt and plants on the ground
Yellow flowers
Yellow Primrose [Primula vulgaris]
some purple flowers are growing in the dirt
Primula denticulata
the flowers are blooming in the garden on instagram, and it's time to plant them
Dutch Gardens
Primula Vialii
a potted plant with purple flowers in it
Pops Plants
Primula auricula 'Sandra'
a garden filled with lots of purple and white flowers
PlantFiles Pictures: Primula Species, Japanese Cowslip, Japanese Primrose, Queen of Primroses (Primula japonica) by plantaholic186
Primula japonica (Japanese Primrose)
pink flowers are blooming in the garden
Primula pulverulenta (Primula candelabra)
Primula pulverulenta (Primula candelabra)