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an image of a futuristic city with lots of lights on it's sides and some stairs leading up to the top
Greatness from small beginnings
A river like this, dividing a city in half, brings to my mind what one of my cities looks like in Summeria (a city in my book).
an image of a fantasy forest with lots of trees and lights in the night time
Elf Village
a painting of a tree house in the woods
I love this house...minus the dish
the light shines in from an opening into a cave filled with water and greenery
don't leave me hangin'
an animated city with lots of buildings and lights on the top of it at night
>sea fairing pack's town<
a painting of a garden with lots of flowers and plants hanging from it's ceiling
GlassHouse in the Evening, Ihor Reshetnikov
a painting of a house in the middle of a forest with stairs leading up to it
Straight out of a fairy tale.
a tree house in the middle of a forest
an artistic painting of a waterfall and trees
two people are sitting on a bench in the woods at night near a waterfall with lights
The Lost Soul of a Star Goddess
a man standing in the middle of a forest filled with tall rocks and mossy trees