Trapani Best destination

Would you spend more time than just snatched holidays in Sicily?. The best destination in Western Sicily is Trapani.Come here and enjoy your holidays…
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some people are sitting on the beach and one is flying a kite
A Day at the Beach Trapani Western Sicily Visions of summer will eventually lead to a day at the beach. It can be at a lake, the ocean, or any sandy area you can find but it no matter what it will be a day to remember. There are many activities ...
an outdoor restaurant with tables and chairs, potted plants on the windowsills
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Meraviglioso attico terrazza Roma Navona. Uno dei posti più belli del centro (5 minuti Campo de Fiori, via Giulia e via de Coronari, 10 mnt San Pietro)
a lone tree in the middle of a field
Trapani what to do Religious Baroque Itinerary. Best
Trapani what to do Religious Baroque Itinerary. Western Sicily, is the true gateway to the Mediterranean, and Trapani is the key. Culture, History, Gastronomy. The sea, the atmosphere, make you immediately understand that you are entering another planet.
some clouds are in the sky and one is on top of a hill
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Marsala Casa delle Conchiglie Rental Beach House Playa Blanca Le camere sono tutte compatte e accoglienti.La proprietà è sulla spiaggia di Marsala, arredata con lo stile tipico
an outdoor patio area with wicker furniture and flowers on the table, surrounded by trees
green rolling hills with blue sky in the background
Vacation Rental Apartment Beach & Island Locations
several sailboats sailing in the ocean at sunset
Sailing Egadi Islands Trapani Favignana is as beautiful as a butterfly
Sailing in the Egadi Islands Trapani:
the sun is setting over the ocean and there are two silos on the beach
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an old brick building next to the ocean with waves coming in from the rocks and water
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Torre di ligny
two boats are docked in the water next to some cranes and other ships on land
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Trapani Harbour
several boats in the water with seagulls flying over them
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Il porto da pesca di trapani
a man and woman sitting on top of a sandy beach under a blue sky with the words, we wish you a belize navidad
Love is in the air!:
a person in a small boat on the water at sunset with mountains in the background
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Trapani Sunset, panorama Egadi
an image of the ocean with clouds in the sky
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Vista torre di ligny
an empty street next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
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Trapani Veduta Tramontana