ICA's Exclusive Location

Italian Chef Academy is situated in an elegant and residential district surrounded by green areas, few minutes far from San Peter’s Cathedral and the most…
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some people are doing something in the grass near trees and bushes with their hands together
Near our bio-natural kitchen we can find an area dedicated to aromatic herbs
a group of people dressed in white and maroon
Some of the best professionals of the food and wine italian sector
a group of people standing in front of a white building surrounded by trees and bushes
Modern work-places, equipped with the most modern equipment and tools, in order to grant space and working independence to each student
several people are walking around in front of a building with many windows and trees surrounding it
The training programs are held in large and modern educational kitchens
many glasses of wine are lined up on the long table in front of the tv
Our classroom dedicated to wine & oil sensorial analysis, and wine & food pairing
the kitchen counter is full of many metal bowls and pans with food in them
Kitchens set up for autonomous cooking stations, equipped with top quality tools and equipment
a group of people standing on top of a lush green field next to a building
An exclusive residential district surrounded by greenery, few minutes far from the historical centre of Rome
a black suv parked in front of a fence
One of the most exclusive and residential areas in Rome