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jewellery in porcelain and silver

unique and one of a kind jewellery pieces created in collaboration with the artist 'Elettra Cipriani' ! materials : porcelain and sterling silver... ..all handmade in Italy!
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ring in silver and porcelain (neriage tecnique) unique piece


earrings in silver and porcelain; unique piece

rings in silver and porcelain ; wear them together or single


Ring in silver and porcelain unique piece

pendant in porcelain and silver, porcelain tecnique : neriage; the striped porcelain piece is set on silver one of a kind


pendant in porcelain and sterling silver ; porcelain tecnique : neriage ; the porcelain is mounted on silver Unique piece


necklace with 2 little pendants; patinated silver , porcelain set on silver..a black one and a white one