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Valentino Rossi

Vale looking sharp in a suit. Also has a simoncelli tribute helmet. Vale has them designed specially ,wears them and auctions them. All the money goes to the simoncelli foundation for under privileged kids. Rock on Vale!

Thomas Struth, Tokamak Asdex Upgrade Interior 1, Max Planck IPP Garching 2010

Available for sale from Galerie Greta Meert, Thomas Struth, Tokamak Asdex Upgrade Interior Max Planck IPP, Garching Chromogenic Print, ×

Largest superconducting stellarator in the world.  This Japanese fusion research device consists of intertwined coils of superconducting material, and is designed to contain a 100-million-degree nuclear fusion plasma. The research aims to solve the many engineering challenges that must be overcome in order for fusion reactors to produce more energy than they consume.

The Large Helical Device (LHD) project involves construction of the worlds largest superconducting helical device, which employs a heliotron magnetic field originally developed in Japan, used by physicists to replicate solar fusion on earth .

This rare photo was snapped by Reuters photographer Ruben Sprich during a yearly inspection of the Muehleberg nuclear power station in Switzerland. The cosmic blue glow is a result of Cherenkov radiation, an electromagnetic radiation seen in reactors.

Caesar is like a nuclear power plant because he is a small source of energy, but with boundless amounts of power. He is also very unstable like the core of a nuclear plant.