The Whispering Voice
The Whispering Voice
The Whispering Voice

The Whispering Voice

Writing is one of the most magical experiences: seemingly, you are alone, but the Spirit of the World is there, by your side, whispering secrets to your heart.

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*NEW BOOK* - Bleeding Like The Stars - cover reveal "Life happens as it should happen, with or without us witnessing or acknowledging it. Just like a star shining brightly or bleeding its last light in its falling: it lives and falls regardless of our degree of participation to the events of its life or imminent fall(...) see more on the page © ® Irina Serban _ The Whispering Voice & Vladislav Pantic

The Whispering Voice: The Man Who Broke Free From The Clouds And Turned Into Stone "I know a man who broke free from the clouds and turned into stone. His thoughts formed a seemingly endless labyrinth with tall stone walls, and lots of dead ends, which hid behind bars unknown creatures. I stepped on the cold slabs of his mind and lost myself in there."

#audio #story "Tomorrow has the nasty habit of becoming Today in a glimpse of an eye, and there comes again another Tomorrow filled with promises." Story & Illustration by Irina Serban

#Audio #Story The Whispering Voice: The Fire Bird On A Cloudy Rock Story & Illustration © by Irina Serban "One night, I witnessed a unique world. I don't know if I had the eyes wide shut, and I was dreaming, or tightly open, and I was letting my imagination stray, but the sure thing is that I saw this: Inside the core of a leaping flame a whole world made of dew reeled its existence."

"The skies must have turned upside down, for, today, I’ve gathered a whole pile of moon shards from my hair. Have I rested my head on a cloud?" Story & Illustration © Irina Serban

“There are wounds that never heal!” “You have to learn how to live while bleeding!” “There are circles that can never be cut!” “You have to learn how to live freely while being imprisoned! For above all, there is that ounce of living that makes all the difference.”Story & Illustration © Irina Serban

"They’re like nestlings fluttering their useless wings, screeching as they’re waiting eagerly for their mother return. They’re helpless, prisoners of their nests. Their bellies are rumbling with hunger, a hunger that transforms them in monsters. They feed on me! Unfortunately, lately, I cannot feed myself! Story & Illustration © Irina Serban

"There are many miraculous places in this world, but the most astonishing are the ones we imagine." Story & Illustration © Irina Serban

"The silence of the Universe has the sound of the reeling planets, of dying stars, and of repetitive clash." Story & Illustration © Irina Serban

It was written in the sky with wind letters. They said: “Think like a grain of sand!” Story & Illustration © Irina Serban