cama DIY boneca:

25 super idee x Creare oggetti di ogni tipo, riciclando il cartone

Parce que vous ne voulez pas les voir se plaindre ou s’ennuyer cet été!

pipecleaners and strainer! (lots of good ideas for kids activities, homeschool, crafts) fine motor skill development

Trasformare in gioco una scatola di scarpe gioca e impara

gross motor and tying shoes practice. My students don't know how to tie shoes so I'll be teaching them with this great idea.

Catapulta con bastoncini da gelato e se non avete tanti bastoncini da mettere in mezzo a quei due sotto basterà mettergli un po' di plastilina

This catapult for kids to make is a fun building activity. What kid doesn't want to launch something across the room with their very own homemade catapult?

Egg boxes transformed into plane, train and automobile

8 egg box vehicles you can craft at home

8 egg box vehicles you can craft at home. An egg-citing upcycling activity where you can turn your egg boxes into trains, planes and automobiles.