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But First, Time For A Selfie. I laughed WAY too hard at this! The baby's face.I'm dying!

The contest (Grey's anatomy) when izzie didn't have cancer and wasn't married and hadn't left the show

21 Life Lessons As Told By Cristina Yang From "Grey's Anatomy"

arabamolsamontgiymezdim:  First communion c.1960s 1970s

Tooo funny - reminds me of my First Holy Communion - except I wanted to make that face after I got the wafer on my tongue but didn't or I would be threatened by nasty look from Sister Madeline!

"one little push, and off you pop"...pinned solely to use that line! Me: Sherlock...what are you doing? Sherlock: going for a little swim, obviously. *falls in* Me: *rolls eyes*

Benedict Cumberbatch -Hollywood Portfolio’s First-Ever Short Film,Directed by Jason Bell-