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If a person has the power to change your mood, then it is very important. aforismi, pensieri di vita reale e non.

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#gibran #amicizia #amore

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amicizia :)

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For all the lovely friends who have lessened my recent sadness by sharing it. You lift me up. Thank you.

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True friends do not need words! You know and understand they will always be there!

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A best friends is someone who makes you smile, even when you think you'll never smile again

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I migliori #amici sono quelli che fanno dei vostri problemi i loro, in modo che tu non debba affrontarli da solo. #amicizia, #graphTag, #amici, #visualTag, #amicizia, #condivisione, #percorso, #cloudWord, #wordArt

Why couldn't I still have a bestfriend. I miss you why can't it be the same again. Why can't you admit what you did. Why can't it all be good again...???