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Bijan Mofid

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Bijan Mofid (Persian: بیژن مفید‎‎; May 31, 1935 – November 2, 1984) was an influential Iranian playwright and stage director. His most famous work, Shahr-e Ghesseh, is an allegorical satire written in the form of a musical play using elements of Iranian folklore, for which he also composed the music. Bijan Mofid (playwright/director) was one of very few serious modern Iranian artists whose writing has reached beyond the intelligentsia to a broad general audience.

بیژن مفید - نه دیگه این واسه ما دل نمی شه

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He was born in Tehran in 1935. After teaching for several years at the University of Tehran, he founded a theater workshop, where many of Iran's finest actors received their training. The workshop's major production was Bijan's own City Of Tales (Shahr-e-Ghesseh), a profound satire that weaves social comment through adaptations of traditional music and folk tales. It toured for 3 years, was made into an award-winning film and is recognized as a classic of Iranian literature.

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خانم جميله، گوينده يکی از معروف ترين نمايش های موزيکال ايرانی هستن به نام "شهر قصه".

"I became a writer because I found life unsatisfactory." Bijan Mofid

شهر قصه 1348 - ارگ بم -


"کجا میری فلونی" با صدای زنده یاد بیژن مفید

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پشت صحنه شهر قصه به کارگردانی بیژن مفید در لس آنجلس. From 1982 until his untimely death in 1984, Bijan directed several productions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York as well as the first production of his own work in translation, Dragonfly. He took these opportunities to rewrite some of his work that had suffered most heavily from censorship in Iran.

During and after the Iranian Revolution, political groups across the entire spectrum attempted to claim his work as representative of their ideals, but he remained independent and withdrew his plays from production when their integrity was threatened. As the resistance to the Islamic regime grew, recordings of songs from his plays were played on the rooftops of Tehran, identifying Mofid with the opposition. As a result, he lived underground for several months and eventually escaped to the…