Forever My Always

Forever My Always- Home Decor Wooden Sign - Typography Word Art - Wedding Decor - Anniversary - Wall Sign - You Pick Colors. I want this either in the mudroom or in the bedroom.

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Is there anyone more awesome than John Green? We’ve gathered 20 John Green photo quotes that make us feel, well,all the feels.

Love is a beautiful chaos. It's not all mushy and romantic. Some spice and fierceness must also be added into it and that makes it the most beautiful thing, ever!

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OK MAG: The Sound Of Violence - Parte Um

Holding hands in the car when he brings your hand in for a kiss. Romantic and beautiful. My boyfriend does this when we're silent in the car :)

I just want to be yours

The themes and imagery used here is often adult in nature so please consider this an NSFW and

The Female Menstrual Cycle Explained-lol, because I may start crying, go off, or eat a whole chocolate cake in the next minute.

Funny pictures about Sometimes I hate being a girl. Oh, and cool pics about Sometimes I hate being a girl. Also, Sometimes I hate being a girl.


Le palle c'è le hanno coloro che le sanno far vedere👤