Irresistibile ... Spero per tutta la mia vita! Kiss me I'm Italian

A woman can be attractive in her twenties, charming in her thirties, and irresistible for her entire credo k aiuta si,ma nn farla scappare xché poi è difficilissimo riaverla.


~In my words, what I think. In my silence, what i viene li tuo papà stsse.

Viva i matti!

Viva i matti!


(for my non-Italian friends: Life is like a christmas tree.there's always someone breaking the ornaments (balls) HAH)


loneliness disappears when we are comfortable in his presence.

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de liefde die de zon en andere sterren beweegt

Italian Quote Necklace - Dantes God in GOLD. ~ "The love that moves the sun and the other stars" want as tat