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the case is made from plastic and features an ultra - thin cover for iphone 11
The iPhone 11 case made from plants
At iNature we craft it from corn, sugarcane and soybean - results are stunning! Soft as silk, you will be amazed how easy iNature cases are to put on and to take off. It provides an unbeatable protection for your iPhone without compromising on style. Whenever it slips from your hand or your baby throws it across the room, your iPhone will be fully protected. #zerowaste #biodegradableiphonecase #plasticfree #iphonecase #stopplastic #madeinitaly #madefromplants #etsy #handmade #sustainability
an iphone case sitting on top of rocks next to shells and seashells in the sand
Ciao sono iNature :)
Cover Biodegradabile Made in Italy