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several green and red glass sculptures in front of a house on a sunny day with blue sky
Attiko Casa - Ficus
Attiko Casa - Ficus
an abstract sculpture hanging from the ceiling in a white room
Mobiles, 2008 – present
a metal book shelf with books on it and magazines in the bottom section, against a white background
two lamps that are hanging from red cords
Dubai ganha sua 1ª grande feira de design
Seletti (Foto: divulgação)
three hanging lights that are suspended in the air
Lava Drops by Alvaro Uribe Design for Tsunami
three lights hanging from the ceiling above a dining room table
an assortment of glass pendant lights hanging from a ceiling in a kitchen or dining room
Luxury Ceiling Lighting | Designer Ceiling Lights
a black and white light hanging from a ceiling
two white lights hanging from a black ceiling
PressReader.com - Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions
two white lights hanging from the ceiling
Designer Lighting, Furniture & Fittings
the light fixture is made out of bamboo strips and has a circular pattern on it
RAING Nordic Designer Bamboo Weaving Lamp Cage Pendant Lamp Creative Rattan, The Bird'S Nest Chandelier ,E27 Bar Cafe Bamboo Weaving Lights 110v 20v Diameter 50 * 18cm
a light that is hanging from a ceiling
inspiration: 1970s bamboo and paper Uchiwa light by Ingo Maurer #objectlesson
a brown and black bag sitting on top of a wooden chair next to a wall
キクチジュンコ on Instagram: “. . . 布をあわせたかばん . . 展示まで一週間 鼻息荒くして ラストスパートがんばる . . #柿渋染め展 #柿渋染めの仕事 #白灯 #柿渋染めかばん #kakishibu . .”