SPADELLATA DI TOFU ALLE VERDURE 250 g of natural Tofu, 1 yellow pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 aubergine, 1 zucchini, 1/2 small onion, oil, 1/2 stock cube of Brodo Vegetale 7% (vegetables stock 7%), 10 black olives. Thanks to our vegetables stock 7%, you will give the right taste to your vegetables. #maincourse #vegetables #vegetablestock #ilovesanmartino

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BURRITOS ALLA MODA DI SARA 8 tortillas, 1 150 g can of pinto beans, 1 150 g can of corn, 1 small onion, 8 button mushrooms, 2 tomatoes, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow pepper, 8 salad leaves, 5 spoons of mayonnaise, 2 spoons of Greek yogurt, 1 Brodo Verdure 7% (our vegetables stock), 2 spoons of oil. Original dish. It's particular savor comes from the combination of the ingredients and our vegetable stock. #maincourse #burritos #tortillas #vegetablestock #ilovesanmartino

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SPADELLATA DI PESCE 1 slice of 200g salmon, 1 slice of 200 g tuna, 1 slice of 200g swordfish, 2 spring onions, 2 spoons minced parsley, 6 cherry tomatoes, oil, 1 stock cube of Brodo ai Crostacei (shellfish stock). Are you cooking fish? Use our shellfish stock to give it the perfect savor. #maincourse #shellfish #shellfishstock #ilovesanmartino

POLLO ALLE VERDURE 1 stock cube of Brodo Verdure 7% (our vegetables stock), 250 ml of water, 1 chicken breast, 1 onion, 2 carrots, 1 celery stem, 2 zucchini, 2 medium tomatoes. Particular main course. Thanks to our vegetables stock it will have a balanced taste. #maincourse #chicken #vegetables #ilovesanmartino

GRIGLIATA ANTICO SAPORE fresh meat, Antico Sapore Bolognese, extra virgin olive oil. It's Antico Sapore Bolognese that gives to the meat an excellent flavor. #maincourse #grigliata #ilovesanmartino

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