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First Courses

The First Courses recipes , made with our ingredients. #firstcourse
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Minestra di farro con latte e castagne #cuoredisedano @cuoredisedano_ @ilovesanmartino #castagne #bio #organic #chestnut


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RISO NERO AI GAMBERI !NEW! 150 g of black rice, 20 boiled crayfish tails, 1 zucchini, 1 stem of celery, 1 small onion, 2 carrots, 6 zucchini flowers, 3 spoons of oil, 2 stocks of Brodo Verdure 7% (our vegetables stock). Black rice is very healthy. This is a refined solution. It's flavor is excellent. #firstcourse #blackrice #rice #crayfishtails #zucchini #carrots #ilovesanmartino


Riso nero ai gamberi | Ricette Primi Piatti

GNOCCHI 1 Kg of potatoes, 300 g of flour, 1 egg, 1 Lievito Pizze bag (our yeast for pizza), 1 pinch of salt. Gnocchi are another important dish here in Mantua. They have a gorgeous flavor. #firstcourse #gnocchi #ilovesanmartino


Gnocchi | Ricette Primi Piatti

RISOTTO AL RADICCHIO ROSSO 240 g of vialone nano rice, 200 g of red radicchio, extra virgin olive oil (as you like), onion (as you like), salt and pepper (as you like), red wine (as you like), 1 stock cube of Brodo Vegetale senza glutammato (vegetal stock without glutamate), water (as you like), grated Parmigiano (as you like), butter (as you like). Risotto is a special dish. It is a savory pleasure, thanks to Parmigiano and red radicchio. #firstcourse #risotto #parmigiano #ilovesanmartino


Risotto al radicchio rosso | Ricette Primi Piatti

AGNOLI IN BRODO 1 L of water, 2 stock cubes of Brodo con estratto di carne 5% (our classic stock with meat extract), 400 g of agnoli or tortellini. Agnoli or Tortellini are a typical dish here in Mantua. Thanks to our classic stock with meat extract, they are a gorgeous pleasure. #firstcourse #agnoli #ilovesanmartino

Agnoli in brodo | Ricette Primi Piatti

TAGLIATELLE AI FUNGHI 4 nests of noodles, 200 g of mushrooms, 1 shallot, parsley, oil, grated cheese. Refined dish, it has a delicious flavor. #firstcourse #tagliatelle #mushrooms #ilovesanmartino

Tagliatelle ai funghi | Ricette Primi Piatti