Liz Lamp Set Más

Liz Lamp Set

Handcrafted in Mexico, Liz Lamps are individually hand-crocheted to achieve this amazing patterns. A delicate-looking, airy lamp capable of enhancing any space.

Lampade a sospensione Muuto E27


Lifestyle White Scandinavian Dining Room Design with Minimalist Rectangle Wooden Dining Table complete with the Wooden Dining Chairs and the Scandinavian Dining Room have Some Glass Bulb Pendant Lamps

Piantana Design Originale 25

Like a hanging moon fixed on a long beam, the Smoon Drop is radiant and hyper contemporary. It's elegant hanging over a sofa, bed or table, and its single, energy eff.

Lampada Kabuki Mini

Lampada Kabuki Mini

KABUKI Lampada da Terra


KABUKI Floor Lamp - The Kabuki Floor Lamp Is Injection Moulded. The Sophisticated Injection Technology Used Makes It Possible To Crate a Woven Structure Similar To Lace With a Unique Perforated Surface Through Which The Light Is Diffused.