vieille porte

The old door, la vieille porte. I like to imagine all the folks that would have come thru these old doors

The sea door - Druidstone, a fantastic pub in Wales

The Garden and the Sea. "The Sea Door" (Photo by Eamon Gallagher) Broad Haven, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Una porta fatata nascosta a Calcata, Italia

Ancient Garden Door, Calcata, Italy photo by Adalberto Tiburzi. SO PRETTY! I need to travel more!

Red door | Tibet

Painted Door, Tibet-saturated royal blue, touches of gold, deep red


Botanical Garden Entry, Atlanta, Georgia I think this is the entrance to The Secret Garden of my imagination.

Ogni porta mi affascina per quello che potrei scoprire.

Spending time in Venice was my favorite pass time. The most beautiful city on earth, trust me, I've been to so many. The Green Door, Venice, Italy(Favorite Places I've Been)

door with fading blue paint topped with vivid cobalt and gold rosettes, set in a gold frame and yet another elaborate gold doohicky at the top, surrounded by a fading fresco and with a dusty bedroll on the colorful tile at the base