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Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds

Dan Reynolds is mostly known for being the front man of the Grammy® award-winning band Imagine Dragons. But in 2007 he was diagnosed with AS.

When a Saggie actually decides to FOCUS and STAY with it; they hit the mark.  Every damned time.  Mutable fire is competitive but requires the stimulation of a moving target.

Lara Croft with her bow and arrow, from the Lara Croft Reborn game; where to put Lara? I could put her with supers - which is where a lot of comics/games characters are.but this pic looked good for an apocalyptic setting.

«Closed»I picked out my murder weapon and looked at it very closely.I heard the door open so I hid it away from you."Yes?"

It's amazing that as the show progresses each one of the villians is drove deeper and deeper into their own insanity.