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two towels hanging on the side of a building with flowers painted on them in front of an open door
Noren curtain at a Japanese restaurant
people walking past a window with blue curtains
ランチたいむ。"Lunch Time"... Noren and heron Fallen Petals, Free Lunch, Japanese Lifestyle
ランチたいむ。"Lunch Time"... Noren and heron
Japanese Home via We Heart It Tumblr Design Japonais, Traditional Japanese House, Japanese Style House, Japan Architecture, Japan Street, Nature Architecture, Japanese Landscape, Aesthetic Japan
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Japanese Home via We Heart It Tumblr
a green plant hanging from a ceiling in a room with wooden beams on the ceiling
Sakabayashi, or sugitama / 杉玉, used to inform everyone that new sake has been made. A sugitama is made from fresh pine leaves, and as the sugitama dries and changes color, it lets people know how much the sake has been matured.
two small pieces of fabric sitting on top of a bed next to an envelope and some candy
Higashi, Japanese Dried Wagashi Sweets|干菓子
Japanese Japanese Interior, Japanese Farmhouse, Japanese Interiors, Japanese Room, Bedroom Minimalist, Stunning Interior Design, Japanese Interior Design, Traditional Farmhouse
Japanese farmhouse interior with wood stove to replace original irori - lo res
two desserts on a black plate next to a cup of tea and green leaves
2010年7月 | 津和野 観光と和菓子のブログ
Japanese sweets / 枝豆の大福
an old building with many wooden baskets on the outside
noodle shope
Noodle shop, Japan
The rice field at Shirakawa village (the World Heritage), Japan 白川郷 Shirakawa Go, Japanese Farm, Village Japan, Rice Farming, Japan Countryside, Open Porch, Architecture Traditional, Traditional Japanese Home
ken straiton photography
The rice field at Shirakawa village (the World Heritage), Japan 白川郷
three straw huts with flowers growing out of them on snow covered ground next to bushes
写真トップ - Yahoo!ニュース
Tree Peony in Fukuoka, Japan 冬ぼたん EXELENTE IDEE POUR PAYS FROID,,,,**+
purple peony in kyyoo garden with umbrellas and trees behind it for shade
Garden of peony in Kyoto Otokuni temple, Japan