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a man sitting on the floor playing an acoustic guitar with one hand and holding it in his other
Chartreux - Marco Ielpo
Chartreux - Marco Ielpo - YouTube
black and white photograph of man playing guitar
Superprof - La piattaforma degli insegnanti privati
Marco Ielpo è un maestro Cademi! Guarda il profilo, scopri il suo stile e contattalo per iniziare subito la tua prima lezione
a person playing an acoustic guitar with chalk writing on the wall behind them
The Chamber - Lenny Kravitz (fingerstyle guitar)
My personal interpretation of The Chamber by Lenny Kravitz. This is an arrangement for solo guitar, I hope you like it. Please share with your friends and wr...
a close up of an acoustic guitar strings on a wooden surface with the label for d'azo strings
D'Orazio Strings for Guitar
a white surfboard sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cd case
The Engle - Guitar hammer
the cd is laying on a red cloth
Un regalo originale per l'epifania? Regalate "Il Viandante Solitario"! Contattatemi per la vostra copia.