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Future boy Conan - Lana عدنان ولينا

Hudson From Future Boy Conan, Castle of Cagliostro and Sherlock Hound, respectively. My whole list could be made up of Miyazaki heroines, so.

未来少年コナン - Conan and Lana

Future boy Conan - I don't know the characters' names and the cartoon name in English because I had seen this cartoon in Arabic so if you know their names you can write them in a comment :) عدنان ولينا

Macchi M.C. 200 Saetta

Italian air force armorers replenish the machine gun ammunition of a Macchi Saetta (Lightning) for use with the plane's MGs, Castelvetrano, Sicily, For some reason, the plane appears to have no tail wheel and to be supported by an oil drum.

Conan il ragazzo del futuro - Maxi immagini

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